Our History


Pastor Teresa Morris and Pastor Elder Edward Morris are from Macon, GA. They attended the Pentecostal Temple Holiness Church in Macon before moving to Douglasville, GA over 30 years ago. Pastor Elder Morris and Pastor Morris attended Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Today under Apostle A. Lee Henderson for 27 years. Pastor Elder Morris was the assistant to the pastor, and Pastor Morris was a minister. They served faithfully until the Lord called them out in November 2002 to start their own ministry, which is today's Covenant Word Ministry, Inc.

It began as an outreach ministry that met once a week at the Country Inn and Suites in Lithia Springs, GA. Due to a growing attendance, Covenant Word Ministry, Inc moved to a larger venue at Shoney's Inn in the Summer of 2003. They continued to have services every Tuesday evening. Many sister churches came to support the ministry, as they reached out to the public. 


After a long search, Covenant Word Ministry, Inc found a church building in Villa Rica, GA in January 2004, and opening services were held on February 8th with over 100 people in attendance.

The ministry has continued to grow, which resulted in a move to a larger church home, also in Villa Rica, GA in September 2007.

In 2012, they settled into a new church home, as well as a new location, in the Carrollton, GA area.  

God has given us this sanctuary, let us show Him by our conduct that we appreciate it.